Membership Info

Thank you for your interest regarding membership at Desert Hills Golf Club.

Desert Hills is a private golf club. As a nonprofit, Desert Hills is member owned and operated by an elected member board of directors for the social and recreational benefit of our members and their guests. We are financially stable and a debt free club; our reserve fund continues to grow.

As a golf club, the primary interest of our members is maintaining our golf course at the quality level expected by our membership. We have a CAP of 410 playing members to assure membership expectations of 4 hour or less rounds and ease of obtaining tee times. We sport a wide range member handicaps, so players at all levels can find compatible groups to play with. We are very walker friendly and whether you are looking for competitive or social golf Desert Hills can meet your needs. Please check out "The Course" section of the Web Site.


  • There is no restaurant, and therefore no minimum spending. However, we have a very comfortable lounge where hot dogs and snacks are available.
  • There is a well stocked bar and prices are reasonable.
  • There are many of social events which are catered.
  • There are club tournaments and social events for Men’s women’s and mixed groups.
  • There is a well designed practice facility
  • There is a well stocked golf shop.
  • The course is in fantastic condition and great attention is given to keeping it that way,

Desert Hills is: Great Golf, Great Friends, and Great Times